July 2010

Around Lake Ontario - Day 3

07/15/2010 13:00:00 by Administrator

Weedsport, NY
Rochester, NY
64 miles

A beautiful day ..... 50 percent of gently rolling countryside touring through farmland, with the other half on the Erie Canal . Temperatures stayed in the low 90s, with puffy clouds.

We had breakfast at the Best Western motel, which tied us over until Newport. We met up with the Pedaling Pastors from Canton Ohio. 22 Methodist pastors are cycling, supported by two sag wagons, from Ohio to Jordan NY, and back. They are spending the night in churches along the route. We played leap frog with them all day, and really enjoyed their company. The only side note is that they really don't know what town they stayed in , what town they started in, or what town they will be finishing up in for the night. We asked these questions to different pastors, at different times of the day...and got many different answers. Now that's what I call touring. The Rear Admiral and I loose the day of the week, and the correct date when we are on tour....but we always know where we been, and where we are going.

Tonight we are at Dustin and Lauren's townhouse in Rochester. So we are in very good hands.

Around Lake Ontario - Day 2

07/14/2010 13:00:00 by Administrator

Pulaski, NY
Weedsport, NY
58 miles

A beautiful day of countryside touring through large and small farms. Skies were a bit overcast, but the temperatures stayed in the low 80s.

We planned to use Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier map, but the lure of riding more of the Erie canal trail sent us in a zigzag south west direction. We rode through the towns of Mexico, Palermo, Penneville, Phoenix, and Baldwinsville on quiet county roads. We stopped in a sub shop for lunched in Baldwinsville. During lunch we remembered the diner and places we stopped at in Baldwinsville the last couple of times on tour in New York.

After lunch we headed south on route 31 (NY bicycle rte 5) until Jordan, where we picked up the Erie Canal Trail.

We are living large at the Best Western motel in Weedsport and have already enjoyed playing in the pool and walking the town. Weedsport was named after a family named Weeds.....and all this time I thought it was named after a port on the Erie canal that was known to have lots of lilly pads!.

Around Lake Ontario - Day 1

07/13/2010 13:00:00 by Administrator

Watertown, NY
Pulaski, NY
34 miles

We left the Subaru off at Discount Auto Glass in Watertown NY and headed south on NY bicycle route 11 (also NY rte 11). The Subaru needs a new front window, and the friendly people at Discount are allowing us to leave the car with them while we take our tour around Lake Ontario.

We planned a short day today, getting the first day touring legs back in shape. Route 11 is basically flat, with a nice shoulder (until the last 5 miles into Pulaski)...vehicle traffic was minor. Just a pleasant ride with overcast skies and temperatures in the mid 80s. Tomorrow, the forecast calls for rain.

By staying on route 11, the Rear Admiral had no map to read, and we pedaled our way until lunch at a little dinner, located in the back of a small grocery store in Sandy Creek

We are living large at a Super 8 motel, there is a new grocery store next door, so it looks like we will be searching the isles for supper.

Preface Around Lake Ontario

07/12/2010 13:00:00 by Administrator

The Summer of 2010 finds us cycling around Lake Ontario. We will be starting in Watertown, New York, and touring clockwise around this Great Lake. We will be following the Adventure Cycling's "Northern Tier" route, which includes traveling on the Erie Canal (SeeMore can't get enough of the Erie Canal!). After entering Canada, we will be following the Waterfront trail.

So apply your suntan lotion, put on your sunglasses, bring your swim suits...and follow SeeMore on another adventure!